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Maruthur Gopala Menon

Marudur Gopala Ramachandran (January 17, 1917–December 24, 1987), popularly known as MGR, Puracthi Nadigar, Ponmana Chemmal and Puratchi Thalaivar,& Makkal Thilagam , was a Tamil film actor and Chief Minister of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu from 1977 until his death.

MGR with Anna durai and his elder brother M.G.chakrapani in M.G.C.Leelavathy's wedding(M.G.chakrapani's daughter)

Sister -who passed away in child hood
Marathur Gopala Menon and Satyabhamma had only two sons and only one daughter . M.G.chakrapani the eldest and M.G.Ramachandran the youngest and the daughter was in the middle ,and passed away when she was very young .
They were born in Nawalapitiya near Kandy in Sri Lanka. Their father was a magistrate and their mother was a house wife. After their father ‘s death ,they came to india and wanted to settle in kerela ,They went to Marathur Gopala Menon 's another wife ,they were staying in kerala , but the another wife (those children are only Kamalakshi, Sumitra,Balakrishnan )treated them very badly and drove them away. After that they went to Burma and Rangoon and stayed for some time ,and came back to Erode in Tamil Nadu , and stayed for some time in their relatives ‘s house after that only they came to Kumbakonam and settled .Their mother worked in several places and wanted her children to go to school . But, she founded very difficult to send their children to school ,so near by their was a drama troupe and her mother joined them , in the drama troupe for some years .

Later , he started to get film offers and he soon became a popular actor. His popularity as an actor proved to be a blessing in disguise.M. G. R first married to Bhargavi in village.After Three Months of Marriage she died of illness. He later married Sathanandavathi who also died soon due to tuberculosis. His third wife was V.N.Janaki, a former actress. Without divorcing her husband Ganapati Bhat, She got married to MGR.He did not have any biological children.M.G.Chakrapani Married to Meenakshi Chakrapani and had Ten Children ,Seven Sons and three Daughters .Two Sons ,M.G.C.Balu Passed away 2yrs back on DEC 08 .2006 and M.G.C.Sukumar Passed away recently on Jan 1st 2009

In 1953, MGR joined the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. He became a member of the state Legislative Council in 1962. He was first elected to the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly in 1967, and subsequently in the elections of 1971, 1977, 1980 and 1984. In 1972, he founded the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), which contested and won the subsequent elections. In 1977, he became the first film actor in India to become the Chief Minister of a state. He continued as the Chief Minister for the rest of his life In October 1984, MGR was diagnosed with kidney failure and was rushed to the U.S. for treatment,and his niece M.G.C.Leelavathy donated kidney to him. Tamil Nadu and over 100 people attempted self-immolation.
He died on December 24,198 7.

Full Life History Of M.G.R & M.G.Chakrapani

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Yannayadi School -Kumbakonam

Yannayadi School -Kumbakonam
M.G.R & M.G.Chakrapani Studied In This School

List Of Dramas M.G.R Acted In His Childhood









Valli Thirumanam

Karppin Vetri




Nadaga Mandram

List Of Dramas Acted In "MGR Nadaga Mandram"

Inba Kanavu

Sumai Thangi

Idintha Kovil

Kalvanin Kathali

Advocate Amaran


MGR would also make sure that he will teach good manners and discipline to the people through his movies.

M.G.Chakrapani and his wife Meenakshi Chakrapani

MGR's First Wifei Thangamani Bhargavi

M.G.R with his wife Sadanavathi & V.N.Janaki

ELLIS.R.DUNGAN- Director who introduced our great leader thiru MGR in the movie "Sathileelavathi"

M.G.R as Inspector in the film "Sathileelavathi"

M.G.R & M.K.Radha in the Film "Sathileelavathi"


Sathi Leelavathi /Manorama Films, Ellis R.Dungan

Iru Sahothararkal / Parameswari Sound Pictures, Ellis R.Dungan

Daksha Yagnam / Metropolitan Pictures, Raja Chandrasekhar

Veera Jegadeesh / V.S.Talkies, TP.Kailasam-R.Prakash

Maaya Machendra / Metropolitan Pictures, Raja Chandrasekha

Prahalaatha / Salem Sankar Films, B.N.Rao

A Still From "Veera Jagadish"

M.G.R in the film "Prahalatha"


Ashok kumar / Murugan Talkies Film Company, Raja Chandrasekhar

Vethawathi or Seetha Jananam / Shyamala Pictures, T.R.Ragunath

Thamil Ariyum Perumal / Uma Pictures, T.R.Ragunath

Thaasi Penn or Jothi Malar/ Puvaneswari Pictures, Ellis R.Dungan

Harischandra / Sri Rajarajeswari Film Company, Nagabushanam

Meera / Chandraprabha Cinetone, Ellis R.Dungan

Saalivaahanan / Bhaskar Pictures, B.N.Rao

Sri Murugan / Jupiter, M.Somasundaram-V.S.Narayan